Brief overview

N.E.S. is a technology oriented innovative project development and management company incorporated in Finland with subsidiaries in target countries with eminent local partners.

N.E.S. focuses on forming viable partnerships and providing solutions in the geothermally regions and conducting R&D to develop IoT based application.

Sustainable, CO2 free energy for decades to come

Plan, Implement & Educate  operational model

Green values propositions

  • Reliable sustainability – 100% Renewable energy with management and operational value added services providing assistance and training to achieve set sustainability and financial targets

  • Positive socio-economic impact – job generation, energy independence & profound economic growth, reduction of GHG emissions reducing heath hazards

  • Cost efficient solutions – Geothermal energy is the most cost-competitive compared to conventional energy sources and has a smaller land space requirement than other production methods

  • Risk reduction – lower the investment risk due to reduced operational cost, shorted production set up times, monitored quality and quantity controls and increasing demand for clean energy

Long term partnerships

Contact us

Mr. Risto Louhisola 
E: risto@nesgroup.fi 

Mr. Jussi Salminen 
Development Director (technology) 
E: jussi@nesgroup.fi 

Legal Councel: 
Mr. Heikki Kiesi 
E: heikki.kiesi@kiesijuridia.fi

N.E.S. Ltd
Domicile: HELSINKI 
BID: 3009447-4